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Derma Products
Derma products are formulated for fighting against the bacteria that causes pimples and acne. These are applied on the back, chest and face for reducing acnes. Derma products have a gel like structure and great absorption. Our products are to be stored in a cool and dry place. 

Eye Ear And Nasal Drops
Eye ear and nasal drops help in relieving puffiness, eye redness, watering and itching. These formulations help in getting rid of eye allergies. Our offered products temporarily narrow the blood vessels in the eye. Eye ear and nasal drops are completely safe to use. 

General Products
General products include energizers that are beneficial for the body. These are induced with vitamin C and zinc. Our offered product improves immune health, strengthen cells and provide antioxidant properties. General products have orange flavour and great consistency. 

Injections are formulations that are injected in the veins for better and instant results. These are accurate in composition and safe to use. Our offered products help with diseases like hepatic encephalopathy. Injections conditions like cirrhosis, athletic performance and more. 

Paediatric Drop
Paediatric drops are given to babies for treating different types of bacterial infections. These work by stopping the growth of bacteria. The said products are basically a type of antibiotic for children. Paediatric drops are completely safe and easy to use. 

Paediatric Dry Syrup
Paediatric dry syrups are best suitable for the treatment of malaria in children. These also treat uncomplicated malaria in patients. Our provided products are formulated especially for children. Paediatric dry syrups are only used for acute malaria. 

Protein Powder
Protein powders are added to daily diet for gaining weight. These are acclaimed for their maximum purity, accurate compositions and fine texture. Our offered products provide extra proteins that body requires. Protein powders are mixed with milk and consumed on a daily basis. 

Syrup Suspension
Syrup suspensions are basically liver and stomach tonic. These are used for improving appetite, digestion and habitual constipation. Our offered products also reduce heart burn, gas, acidity and drug induced toxicity. Syrup suspensions manage fatty liver from alcohol.